South American Atlantic Service Limited


South American Atlantic Service Limited.  (SAAS)
No 5 FIPASS Road,

SAAS Standard Terms and Conditions.

  1. All bookings made for carriage of goods by SAAS must be communicated in writing.
  2. All goods carried by SAAS are per rates previously offered, and confirmation of booking is deemed confirmation of rates.
  3. The carriage of goods by SAAS is governed by the terms and conditions of the SAAS Bill of Lading.
  4. Whilst SAAS will publish transit times as a general communication or for specific cargo, it cannot be held responsible for delays in transit or rerouting of cargo in transit.
  5. Insurance for cargo carried and any contingent liability must be borne by the shipper or consignee.
  6. Free Times for demurrage and detention are as per published tariff unless otherwise agreed, for cargo landed in or loading out of The Falkland Islands.
  7. Free Times for demurrage and detention for all other countries are as per prevailing tariffs of that region or as determined by SAAS on a case by case basis.
  8. Port Storage and Quay rent are for the account of the shipper/consignee.
  9. Refrigerated cargo must be of sound quality prior to loading.
  10. Reefer plug in and unplugging, as well as electricity and monitoring costs are for the account of shipper/consignee at all times.
  11. Shipper/Consignee is responsible for all charges arising out of the carriage of goods, to include, Customs Clearance, Haulage, Cargo Fines, Declarations, and any other cost arising which is not covered by the rate offering made by SAAS.
  12. Freight and all charges are deemed earned upon receipt of cargo.
  13. Credit will only be granted against a formal application for credit supported by a financial report of the application from an established reference bureau.
  14. Cargo release will only be made after presentation of all required documentation as determined by region.
  15. Customers must ensure that containers are loaded in accordance with standard loading requirements, and are responsible for shipper’s load, stow and count.
Stanley 1st September 2019
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